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Plan"Better" Wash
DurationUntil canceled

every month
You will be charged monthly until canceled.
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- I authorize BI Detail to charge my credit card account on the first of the anniversary date of purchase every month for my Unlimited Wash Plan. - I understand this Automatic Recharge Authorization shall remain in force until I cancel, by giving 7 days written notice. - I understand BI Detail may cancel this plan at any time, and that the plan will be cancelled if the monthly charge is declined by the card processing system. - I understand that circumstances may affect the availability of services, including equipment failure or inclement weather. - I understand that monthly rates may be increased, with notice posted at the site at least 30 days in advance. - I understand use of the car wash is done at my own risk to self and property. I will not hold BI Detail responsible for damage, and will abide by all car wash rules. Failure to do so will resort in termination of Unlimited Wash Plan.

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