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Vessel Watch

Weekly Status Check
$50 Per Week 

- Lines & Fenders

- Shore Power

- Vessel Locked

- Window Covering/Canvas Secured

- Engine Room Bilge

- Relative Cabin Humidity 

- Dehumidifier Running

- Breaker Check: Inverter On

- Breaker Check: Battery Charger On

- Breaker Check: Fridge/Freezer On

- Leak Check Around Windows

Monthly Systems Check
Additional $25 Per Month

- 20 Minute Engine Idle 

- Transmission Forward/Aft

- Thrusters Port/Starboard 

- Electronics Powered On

- 20 Minute Generator Run

- Heat Pump On


Please Note: Each Vessel Watch client can customize their check list to meet their specific needs. These lists are merely an example of our most popular requests. 

Sailboat Rudder

Making Ownership Easy

Our Vessel Watch program is highly popular amongst owners who are short on time and distance. With this program, we provide both weekly and monthly checks, thus providing an all encompassed caretaking plan for your boat. Each plan can be customized to your individual needs and wants. 

Vessel Watch clients receive a weekly email status report.


If issues arise, we also offer Owner Agent services and are happy to manage and coordinate any and all service needs. 

  • How do I cancel my Wash Club membership?
    Simply email us at and your request will be processed.
  • Can I use my Wash Club Membership on more than one vehicle?
    One Wash Club Membership is specific to one vehicle. But, if you have multiple vehicles in your family, we offer discounts for memberships for second and third vehicles. And, if you are a dealership or fleet owner, we’ve got you covered too!
  • When will I be billed for my Wash Club Membership?
    The day you sign up for your Wash Club Membership will be your first day in the club. We will auto-draft your credit card on that same date each month as long as you are a member. It is up to the individual member to cancel their account prior to auto renew, if they deem service is no longer desired. No refunds will be given.
  • What happens when I cancel my Wash Membership?
    Your plan will run out on the last day of your billing cycle. You will be billed for the full month.

Vessel Watch FAQ's

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